2013 November Newsletter

1.  Archaeological Investigation on Yim Tin Tsai Island, Sai Kung  

The Antiquities and Monuments Office of Hong Kong SAR Government had funded the Society to carry out an archaeological investigation on a ruin Catholic chapel site in Yim Tim Tsai Village as well as areas north of the Village where potential prehistory remains are.  Dr. M. Atha is leading the investigation and obtained the archaeological license from the Antiquities Authority.  The investigation is carrying out and will be completed at the beginning of December.  


2. Site Visit to the Archaeological Investigation Sites on Yim Tin Tsai Island, Sai Kung  

  • Date: 17 Nov 2013 Sunday
  • Venue: Yim Tin Tsai Island
  • Meeting Point & Time: 9:30am at Sai Kung Public Pier(see map below)
  • Fee: free.  Ferry fee to be settled by participant and bring food and drink
  • Participant ceiling: 20 people
  • Enrollment : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


3. Advance Certificate Course of Hong Kong Archaeology

The course is co-organized with After Work Learning Centre of Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions.  Members can register the course at Center. The course will be conducted by three local senior professional archaeologists and is going to start in 4 Jan 2014.  You can find the details on their website: www.hkftustsc.org. The course will be conducted in Cantonese or Mandarin. 


4. 2014 Membership Fee, Members Update Mail Information

In order to renew your membership, members are encouraged to pay the 2014 membership fee in amount of HK$180 before 31 Jan 2014.  Please transfer your membership fee to Society’s bank account: Bank of East Asia 514-40-13758-8, and inform the Society by e-mail after paid your membership fee,  Please also update the Society your mail and e-mail address by e-mail ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) .


5. 2nd Convocation of Annual General Meeting 

The second convocation of AGM to be held at 6:00pm on 16th Dec (Monday) 2013 at the Society (address refers to header).  The agenda below:  

  1. Chairman's Report of 2012;
  2. Treasurer’s report on the account balances of 2012;
  3. The chairman and treasure’s 2011 reports to be approved and accepted;
  4. Appointment of Hon. Legal Advisor and auditor in 2013;
  5. Motions from the floor.