2014 04 29 HKAS AGM

The Annual General Meeting of Hong Kong Archaeological Society has been held on 29 April 2014 successfully.  The Chairperson's Report included events happened in 2013, while the 2014-16 committee has also been elected (the committee list can be found here).

Agenda of the AGM are listed below:

1. Chairman's Report on the development of 2013;

2. Hon.Treasurer’s Report on account balances of 2013;

3. Committee members election; 

4. Appointment of Hon. Legal Advisor and Auditor in 2014; and

5. Motions from the Floor. 


Annual Report 2013:

1. Archaeological Talk

The Society and Hong Kong Museum of History are co-organizing archaeological talks in April and September 2013: “Feasibility of Geographic Information System to Implement in Hong Kong Archaeology” and “Hong Kong Archaeological Society Recent Research and Future Prospects: Results from San Tau Tang Cemetery, North Lantau (2012-13)” 

2. Archaeological Investigation at Yim Tin Tsai Island, Sai Kung  

The Society applied annual subvention in amount of $149,820 from the Antiquities and Monuments Office of LCSD for an archaeological investigation at Yim Tin Tsai Island, Sai Kung.  The investigation carried out at a ruin Catholic chapel site and abundant terraced field at north to the Yim Tin Tsai Village between  Oct. and Dec. 2013, Dr. M. Atha led the investigation.  The ruin is a rare example of an Hakka traditional ancestral hall converted for use as a Catholic chapel and priest’s lodgings; and is significant remain of Hong Kong Catholic mission history. The former ancestral hall was donated by villagers as a place of worship at some time before 1867.  The investigation report was submitted to and approved by the government in Feb. 2014.

3. Advance Certificate and Certificate Courses of Hong Kong Archaeology 

The two courses of Hong Kong archaeology were co-organized with After Work Leaning Centre of Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions between April 2013 and April 2014. Total of 126 students enrolled and attended the two courses.


Photos of the evening:


 HKAS held AGM on 29 April 2014.



Chairperson's Report on 2013 events.


Group Photo.