2011 11 17 Yim Tin Tsai Archaeological Survey Site Visit

The HKAS is carrying out an excavation on Yim Tin Tsai Island.  The project is fully funding by the Antiquities and Monuments Office (AMO), HKSAR Government. The project duration is from Nov 2013 to Jan 2014, and is led by Dr. M. Atha, professional archaeologist of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

There are two purposes of the project:

1/ searching prehistory artifacts and archaeological features on the island; and

2/ excavate sound half of 19th century ruin chapel site within the Yin Tin Tsai Village.

The findings include Han dynasty pot shreds dug out among village house as well as foundation of ruined chapel site. The excavation report will be prepared when the fieldwork is completed, which will be submitted to the AMO.

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Trial pit was dug at abandoned cultivation field north to Yim Tin Tsai Village


Ruin  chapel site: Dr. Atha explained the excavation of chapel site to HKAS members


Local villagers introduced history of old chapel of Yim Tin Tsai to HKAS members


HKAS members are visiting Yim Tin Tsai Island