2013 Annual Report

2013 Annual Report 


A. Report Items


1. Weekend Talk and Site Visiting

A. Dr. M. Atha: “2011 Archaeological Discovery in San Tau, N. Lantau Island”. Dr Mick Atha presented the findings of our 2011 Subvention Archaeological Investigation on 7 July 2012 Sat (14:00) at the Society.

BMs. Amy Tse: “Peking University Archaeological Action in Kenya 

Amy is a Peking University archaeological team member, she presented and shard her Kenya experience with us. Peking University discovered valuable Chinese trading ceramics (Tang to Qing dynasties) in the country   She presented on 27 Oct 2012 at the Society.

C. Mr. Steven NgSite Visiting of Tung Lung Fort and Rock CravingSteven Ng led a site visiting for our members and students ofCertificate Course of HK Archaeology on 16 September 2012 (Sun).


2. Basic and Advance Certificate Courses of Hong Kong Archaeology

There are two certificate courses organized by the Society and the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions between April 2012 and April 2013. Over 150 members and public registered the two courses via our website or Trade Unions. The courses were conducted in Cantonese.


3. Annual Subvention Archaeological Investigation

The investigation led by our member, Dr Mick Atha of Department of Anthropology, CUHK. He carried out the investigation in November 2012 for 1.5 month at San Tau, N. Lantua Island. The Ground penetrating radar was adopted in the field survey before the actual excavation taking place. A Cultural layer of Song dynasty and some graves of Sang dynasty were found. The final report and artifacts were submitted and handover to Antiquities and Monuments Office of LCSD already in April 2012 respectively.


4. Application of Research Funding

The Society’s collection is including the 1920s to the 1960s’ Hong Kong field archaeological records, drawings, plans and photography. The Society applied funding in amount of HK$1,451,179 from Lord Wilson Heritage Trust in September 12. The aims of the project are to conserve and present the Society extensive archaeological resource. Subsequently, the project will, through the launch of a web-database, enable wider access for public to the Society’s invaluable HK field archaeological archives.  Our two representatives, Sonia Chan and Kathy Chan presented on the Lord Trust’s interview on 18 Dec 12. The Trust rejected our research funding application on 21 Jan 13.


5. Archaeological Talks Series with the Joint Publishing

A talk series with six sessions was organized with the Joint Publishing Press (HK) between Feb and March 2012. Different scholars and professionals were invited to host a session at the Joint Publishing activity centre at Central. The script in Chinese language would be published by Joint Publishing Press (HK) later this year.


6. Registration as a Charitable Organization

Inland Revenue Department requires the Society to submit 2012 auditor report before May 2013 as well as the 2012 Annual General Meeting Report and 2012 activity plan. 


7. Corporate Elector in a Functional Constituency

The Society is a registered corporate elector for Lego Councils Functional Constituency (sports, performing arts, culture and publication), Committee Chairman, Steven Ng represented our members to vote for the man who will support HK archaeology in the 2012 Lego election.


8. Treasurer’s report on the account balances of 31 March 2013



Amount (HKD)


              $ 84,792.81


              $ 14,252.25


              $ 2,002.40


     Total  $111,047.46