About HKAS

Hong Kong Archaeological Society (hereby known as HKAS) was established on 21 March 1967. The purpose of HKAS is to promote archaeology, to study archaeology as well as to protect archaeological relics and sites.  Currently, HKAS has more then 350 registered members.  Sir David Trench, the Governor of Hong Kong, as well as Sir Fung Ping Fan, were the first and second presidents of HKAS, while Sir S.G. Davis served as the first chairperson of HKAS.


HKAS is the only HKSAR government-funded organisation to conduct archaeological field surveys in Hong Kong. Since its establishment, HKAS has acquired fundings from Hong Kong as well as Macao governments to conduct many archaeological surveys and excavations.  Since 1967, over 40 sites have been surveyed by HKAS.  The dating of these sites ranged from the Upper Paleolithic, Neolithic and Bronze Age, to the Han dynasty, Northern and Southern dynasties, Tang dynasty, Song dynasty, Ming dynasty and Qing dynasty.


HKAS has excavated many archaeological sites, including Chung Hom Wan on Hong Kong Island, Shek Kok Tsui, Ha Pak Nai, Sheung Pak Nai, Ngau Hom Sha in Tuen Mun, Mong Tseng Wai in Yuen Long, Tsat Sing Kong in Kam Tin, Wong Tei Tung, in Sai Kung, as well as Lam Tsuen Valley.  Outlying Island sites include Hai Tei Wan, Tai Long, Yi Long, Pui O, Penny's Bay, Luk Keng Tsuen, and Shek Pik Tung Wan on Lantau Island, Tai Wan on Lamma Island, Deep Bay, Sha Po Tsuen, Mo Tat Wan, Tung O, Tit Sha Long, Lung Kwu Chau, Sha Chau, Leung Shuen Wan Sha Tsui, Cheung Chau Sai Wan, Tai Kwai Wan, Sham Wan Tsuen on Chek Lap Kok, Kwo Lo Wan, Ha Lo Wan, Tai A Chau, Siu A Chau, Tung Lung Island, and Fat Tong Mun Fort.  Excavated sites in Macau include Chuk Wan, Hac Sa, Coloane Island and Ka Ho.


From time to time, HKAS publishes "Journal of the Hong Kong Archaeological Society" and archaeological excavation reports. Since the first publication in 1969, there are already sixteenth volume published in Hong Kong.  The Library of the University of Hong Kong has digitalised journals and monographs of HKAS, which are available in the University Library System.

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